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“Ratnen Shubhen Shubham Bhavati Nripanaamanishthamshubhen, Yasmadatah Parikshayam Devam Ratnashritam Tajagye”

Ratnaparikshadyaya, Varahmihira

The above sloka explains that top-quality gems will fetch good luck to emperors while those of poor quality will bring bad luck. Therefore, an astrologer should first check the quality of the gem and only then he should deliver it to others. Also, understand that the stones originating on inauspicious days and at unlucky moments are positively harmful. Gems are carriers of fate.

Following traditional values and legacy, Venus Gems Selection and Testing Centre (Venus Gems) located at Kavumbhagom near Thiruvalla in Pathanamthitta district gives proper guidance in selecting the right gemstone and the gemstone as per one’s birth chart and planetary positions. As results are guaranteed, we never deliver Gems on a discounted basis or special offers. If you pay Rs 6,000, no doubt, it will be worth. The growth of Venus Gems as a leading gem service provider/gem consultant in Kerala is a testimony to our sincerity and commitment.

Venus Gems is owned by Vasudevan Nampoothiry of Thottassery Madom-a renowned illam in Kerala for astrology, pooja and mental treatment. Vasudevan Nampoothiry who is a certified gemologist from Calicut University works at the Co-operative Bank, Kavumbhagaom. He is a successful entrepreneur from Nampoothiry community in Kerala and has interests in Agriculture, Textiles, Healthcare and Herbals.

Venus Gems, established in 2008, offer various services such as Astrology, Vastu, Pooja, Yantra etc. Venus Gems, a leading Vastu and Pooja consultant in Kerala, has many clients in India and abroad. Under the brand ‘Venus Gems’, we also deliver Rudraksham based on one’s birth star. We help people tread the righteous path and attain fruits of success.